Saturday, January 23, 2016

GOD USES SMALL THINGS! Solutions (a blogpost for a sermon to be preached at Kenwood Church in Livonia, MI, on Jan. 24, 2016)

Why do we limit God's possible answers to our prayers and needs?  Why do we pigeon hole God into solutions that we can come up with?  Why do we paint God in a corner and tell Him to do what we think is best?  Why do we do that?

Pride . . .

We think we know better than the Creator of all things.  We believe we must have more insight than the One who can know our innermost thoughts.  We understand life's situations much better than the God who gave us life.  WE . . . ME

Why am I so surprised when God takes very little and makes it just enough?  Why am I unsettled when I don't know how I can stretch our money that far?  Why don't I trust?  Why don't I have faith?  Why?

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