Thursday, January 28, 2016

GOD USES SMALL THINGS! Rain or No Rain (a blogpost for a sermon to be preached at Kenwood Church in Livonia, MI, on Jan. 31, 2016)

How often do we pawn off events around us as merely coincidence or natural occurrence that might be God?  Did a drought just start when the prophet proclaimed one would happen?  Did Elijah get lucky when he said it would end?  Was it God or mother nature?

Small clouds that bring downpours might just be the place to look for an answer.

So many Biblical stories contain strange references to events within the story that scream for a better answer.  Our story this week is one of those.  Why would God send the little cloud before the rainfall?  I believe the answer comes from the observable, laughable facts of the story.

God sent a great drenching rain, but it started with a little cloud.  Only then did the sky let forth its fury.  Black skies lead to strong rain; not nice little white, puffy clouds.  But . . . if God produces the cloud that's a whole different story.

Watch for little clouds that do things that they shouldn't.  It might just be God working.

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