Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Information Overload

We live in a time of information over saturation.  You can "know" almost anything instantly with your phone, tablet, laptop, computer, or teenager (my 19 year old thinks he knows everything).  Information is more readily available today than ever before.

For many years, the church has acted as if transformation can be attained by giving people more information.  While information is vital to the formation process post-transformation, it rarely brings about the transformational change God desires.

Mentoring like Jesus is not primarily teaching although teaching is vital.  Mentoring like Jesus is rooted in helping others enter into those transformational moments.  Changed lives are the goal, not informed students.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Mentor Like Jesus, pt. 5

It is hard to believe that it has been over two months since I last posted on this blog.  My mind and life has been focused upon my wife's recovery from her accident in which she was run over by a car while walking our dog on Oct. 22.  I can't even remember if I mentioned that earlier.  I guess I could check, but there it is.

I am preaching a sermon series entitled Mentor Like Jesus built around Regi Campbell's book by the same title.  It has been a challenge and a joy to read this work.  I love groups.  As a matter of fact, the church I work with now originally hired me to work with groups.  This makes my blood flow.

The current chapter deals with "Starting Now, Ending Then."  The idea is that people need a starting point and a finish line.  Jesus chose his disciples for a three year journey of mentoring.  The "follow me" was the beginning, and he prepared them for quite a while in order to get them ready for the ending.

Campbell's model utilizes a 3 hour group session per month for 12 months with an annual retreat thrown in as well.  Most of the groups I have worked with have met every week for a short (in comparison) amount of time, typically 60-90 minutes.  I can see the benefit of meeting less frequently for a longer duration.  Many one hour meetings seem to end as the group seems to begin.

How many people have you invested in for eternity?  Will there be any spiritual ripples still going when you are no longer here?

Starting seems to be the biggest hindrance to action.  For many of us, we have discovered that the most meaningful things in our lives are the ones that were difficult to begin.  Take the chance.  Find the courage.  Step out on faith.  Invest in the next generation of leaders in the Kingdom.