Saturday, January 9, 2021

Video: 1-10-21 THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT - "I Need Thee Every Hour"

 1-10-21 Sermon “THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT: “I Need Thee Every Hour”

As we worship together "from house to house," we are aware of our need, our need for you.

If you cannot join us this Sunday, we invite you to sing along with the worship videos.  We encourage you to take the Lord’s Supper.  In this way, we can take communion together even though we are apart.  Pray for one another.  Watch my message "THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT: “I Need Thee Every Hour.” Respond to the invitation.  Enjoy the bonus video.



Read Psalm 55:22, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”  Here is a possible communion prayer to say before you take the bread and the juice, “Father, we thank you for providing what we need.  We are grateful for your sustaining grace.  We cast our cares upon you.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Take the Lord's Supper.


Pray for eyes to see God’s hand in our world.



“Keep Kenwood Connected” - over the month of January our challenges will relate to connecting with one another.  This is digital week.  Text or email three people this week.  We have directories available if you need one.  


It is our custom to offer an "invitation" following the preaching of the Word at Kenwood Church.  You may want to follow Jesus.  You may want to proclaim your faith.  You may want to repent (stop doing ungodly things and start doing Godly things).  Perhaps you want to be baptized for the forgiveness of your sins and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Possibly, if you have already responded to God’s call in these way, you would like to become a member of Kenwood Church.  If you have been moved by the Holy Spirit to make a decision in your life, I encourage you to speak with me via phone (248-476-8222) or an email (  I would be honored to speak with you about what God is doing in your life and try to connect you with a community of faith in your area.

Bonus Video

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